Tetsu Ushijima

Licensing information

Last updated: 2001-09-23

In many countries, qmail-conf is copyrighted material. Some actions may be restricted by your country's copyright law. Ask your lawyers for the detail.

On the other hand, I've partially waived my copyrights about qmail-conf, as described below. Note that when I say you can do something, it doesn't necessarily mean that I have rights to stop you from doing it. Note also that there might be other things you can do without permission from me. The point of this page is that I promise you that I won't sue you for doing things I say you can do.

What you can do

You may download the qmail-conf package from the web server where I published it.

Once you have legally downloaded the qmail-conf package, you can back it up, compile it, run it, reverse-engineer it, modify it as necessary, and distribute your patches for it.

You may distribute unmodified copies of the qmail-conf package.

The author of qmail may incorporate the qmail-conf package into future releases of the qmail package, with unlimited kind and unlimited amount of modification.

What you can't do

Since qmail-conf borrows some amount of source code from djbdns, I think I can't, without permission from the author of djbdns, permit you to distribute precompiled version of qmail-conf. So I won't say that you can distribute precompiled versions of qmail-conf.