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How to set up a qmail QMTP service

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What is it?

qmail-conf is a collection of tools for setting up various qmail services. They are like *-conf programs in djbdns.

With qmail-conf, for example, setting up a minimal SMTP service takes the following four steps:

     qmail-smtpd-conf qmaild qmaill /var/qmail/service/smtpd
     cd /var/qmail/service/smtpd
     ln -s /var/qmail/service/smtpd /service

qmail-conf assumes that (recent versions of) daemontools and ucspi-tcp have already been installed. It also assumes that svscan is already running.

qmail-conf tries to provide reasonable defaults: it avoids DNS reverse lookups; it avoids IDENT lookups; it lets TCP connection attempts be logged with multilog; and for POP3 and QMQP, connection attempts are denied unless you explicitly authorize your clients.

qmail-conf reduces the need for editing ./run scripts by using envdir. For example, to raise the concurrency limit for the SMTP connection to 100, all you have to do is:

     echo 100 > /service/smtpd/env/CONCURRENCY
     svc -t /service/smtpd

qmail-conf does not help you set up /var/qmail/alias, /var/qmail/control, /var/qmail/rc, and /var/qmail/users.