Tetsu Ushijima

The qmail-delivery-conf program

qmail-delivery-conf sets up a qmail delivery service.

qmail-delivery-conf is available in qmail-conf 0.60 or above.

This is a reference page. See the how-to page for the step-by-step instructions.


qmail-delivery-conf logacct D

qmail-delivery-conf creates a service directory D that runs /var/qmail/rc, which will in turn start qmail-start. The name D must start with a slash and must not contain any special characters. Normally D is /var/qmail/service/qmail.

You can run the service under svscan by creating a symbolic link in the svscan directory:

ln -s D /service

The service will start within five seconds, and will be restarted upon reboot. You can use svc to control the service.

qmail-delivery-conf creates an automatically rotated log directory in D/log/main. The logs are owned by logacct. The corresponding multilog processes run under the uid and gid of logacct. The name logacct must not contain any special characters. Normally logacct is qmaill.

Warning: If you tell qmail-start to invoke a logger in /var/qmail/rc, log messages will be fed through that logger and won't be stored in D/log/main.

qmail-delivery-conf does not set up /var/qmail/rc. Setting up this file is up to you. If you have installed qmail from a var-qmail package, /var/qmail/rc should have already been created.